Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Tinker's Lunch Box

The Tinker isn't the quickest when it comes to eating, and I was concerned when he was coming home from nursery with most of his dinner still in his lunch bag.  He's not a big bread fan (unlike his daddy) and he simply wasn't eating his sandwiches.

Here is the solution...

... a bead box full of little bits that he can pick at, and that isn't over facing.  Who wouldn't want lots of different things to choose from?  

In this box there are small pieces of ciabatta, tomato, roast chicken pieces, grapes, strawberries, pieces of cheese and cucumber.

All he had with this was a yoghurt, but I think that if he was staying all day, I would be tempted to pop in a small scone, or a piece of flapjack too, just to increase the carbohydrate intake a little.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sewing Kits for Children

I think that it is really important for us to teach children simple skills that will help them in their adult life (find out more about Loula Belle At Home in this interview), that is why I am creating Make and Do Kits for children.

The first of these are these simple felt brooch kits.  These kits have been designed to provide children with the opportunity to experience new activities, develop their skills, and build self-confidence that will last a lifetime. They also offer the perfect opportunity to spend time with your child, doing something together and creating lasting memories for you both.

How about making a tasty fairy cake...

... or maybe a Christmas Pudding?

These kits are perfect for children learning how to sew (we made the fairy cake brooches at the Fairy's birthday tea party), and they come complete with everything (felt, stuffing, embroidery thread, brooch pin, needle and colour instructions) you need to make one straight away!

You can find these and lots of other lovely gift ideas at my shop.

Keep your eyes peeled (what a strange expression that is!!?!) for Loula Belle At Home's baking kits for children.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Self Portraits

Although we managed to get outside and enjoy some of the weather this weekend, the 
children also did some self portraits.  I got out a roll of lining paper (the stuff you use under wallpaper), and my plan was to draw round each of them and create patterns with lots of colour inside the figures.  When I mentioned this to the Fairy, she simply said 'oh, no.  I am going to draw me'!

by The Fairy, age 7 If you look closely you can
see she has taken the liberty of giving herself painted
finger nails... wishful thinking!!!

by The Tinker, age 3
This is a great activity to do with children of all ages, both of mine are made up with their portraits and they both have pride of place in their bedrooms.  We just used pencil crayons and various papers as the Tinker wanted to stick, but it is the perfect opportunity to explore lots of different mediums.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Guess how old my hubby is today!!!

An excuse to get my scalpel out!!

I love the fact the Fairy is still at an age that she thinks her
dad is cool.  I wonder how long it will last!!!  Her message inside was
'Keep Rockin'!!!  Bless

Work in progress

I made a paper stencil to do the cake.  It was just covered in butter cream and then I used grated chocolate to do the numbers.

I can't believe he is 40!!!

Missing camera

This week has been a little frustrating.  I have spent so long looking for my camera.  I'd used it earlier in the week to take some images of some fabric, and was sure I had left it on my desk.  When I came to upload them onto my computer I couldn't find it and have had my room upside down looking for it.

I eventually found it under the Tinkers bed, and the evidence is stacked against him!!!

 Book of the moment.  Every evening we have to go
through the 'choosing' process and always end up with
the same book!!!

Friday, 7 October 2011

It's my niece's birthday...

... here is the cushion I made for her.

My inspiration for it was from my little deer, I wrote about it here.   

I love the way one little sketch grows into many projects.
I think I might make some of these to sell.  The Fairy has put in an order for one already!!!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

'Mr and Mrs' pillowcases

This week I made some pillowcases as a wedding gift.  I think they are great.  
The recipients messaged me this morning to let me know that they will be going on their honeymoon with them!!!