Friday, 25 February 2011

Introducing... Loula Belle!

 It is funny how my 100th post has turned out to be the one in which I announce the change of my name.  Not so long ago it was my 1 year blog anniversary (which I didn't celebrate, I will however be doing some celebrating so keep your eyes peeled) and I find it a little strange how these things have occurred around a similar time.  It is time for change though, and the last 12 months of my work have been an important process that have enabled me to see things more clearly.

So, introducing... Loula Belle!

Loula Belle At Home is a new concept that I have been working on for the past twelve months, and is a home ware label aiming to bring a little glamour to those mundane chores we face in the home each day.  The name has come from my mum, she used to call me Loula Belle as a child and it makes me smile when I hear it so I had to reclaim it. 

The next few months are going to see lots of changes, and I have lots of hard work to do!!!  I will keep you posted, I am excited, and hope you will like what you see.

Here is a sneak preview of what is to come.

 Many thanks to all those lovely girlies that are helping me along my way.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


I made a decision when I started this blog, not to be particularly political when writing for it.  However, it is a blog about my creative work (mostly!) and I feel passionately about children having creative and practical experiences.  Drumcroon Gallery in Wigan is under threat of having its funding from Wigan Council withdrawn.  Unfortunately the North West doesn't have its fair share of galleries, and it is therefore important that we do our best to save what we have.

As a designer/maker, I feel that projects like this provide fantastic opportunities for people, in particular young people (who may come from backgrounds that would not traditionally visit galleries etc.), to access the art world, have first hand experience of galleries, and have the opportunity to create their own pieces of work whilst visiting the gallery.  It also provides the opportunity for children in schools to work with artists on projects in school, allowing them to recognize their own creativeness.  I don't want to harp on, so this is what the Save Drumcroon Group have to say:

After 30 years of pioneering work, providing education in art to thousands across the borough, The Drumcroon Gallery is facing the real possibility of closure.
Wigan Council is considering withdrawing its subsidy from the gallery as it is forced to axe millions from its budget.
If you are one of the thousands lucky enough to have been through the doors at Drumcroon, be it as a pupil, or in later life, we urge you to join our group and raise the much need awareness to the plight of this outstanding establishment.
Even if you have never visited Drumcroon, but believe in the importance of art in the community, and more so the positive impact it can have on future generations, we urge you to sign up, and spread the word! 

Please help save this service by taking a few minutes to sign the Save Drumcroon petition by clicking here.  You can also join the Save Drumcroon Group here.

Many thanks.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Another busy week (and a half!!)

I can't believe that another week (and a half) has passed, and that it is nearly the end of February!! I am far too busy and life is flying so fast I am finding it difficult to find time to babble about my doings!

Here is this week in a flash... 

... a lovely bucket of flowers (literally a bucket, they were in a galvanized steel bucket!) from my hubby declaring his love... I gave him Jamie's 30 minute meals hoping to encourage him to cook me a lovely meal.  He couldn't hide his disappointment!!!

Pattern making...

... to enable me to reduce the piles of fabric in the living room...

... and free Lily from her back breaking work.  I really must organize my workspace upstairs and get an ironing board up there.

At the end of the week I was making a collage patchwork with a group of children at a primary school in Wigan, with the theme of New Beginnings.

Today I finally got around to making some fairy cakes with both the Fairy and the Tinker.  The Tinker thought for a moment that we were making dough and stuck both hands in, gooey mess everywhere!!!  Very tasty cakes though and the Fairy did an excellent job of decorating them in her usual pink way!!!

Oh, and to top it off...

... potty training.  Weh hey!!!
Looking forward to the new week.  I am guessing it will be hectic with both the children at home.  Happy half-term to all those at home with children!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New life, new beginnings

Yesterday I had a whiff of Spring.  The wild wind had ceased, the sun shone, the air was warm(er) and it smelt like Spring was coming...

... today it is wet and miserable!!!  However, the new shoots show signs that winter is on its way out and that better weather is on its way.  New life, new beginnings!!

Talking of new beginnings I am busy beavering away at the moment creating my new collection (hence the lack of online updates).  It is a year since I went public with my work, and this spring is going to see it turn a corner.  I look forward to telling you more.