Sunday, 22 August 2010

Calling out to cosmetic bag competition winner!

At the beginning of the summer I ran a giveaway for one of my cosmetic bags, and announced the winner as the tenth person to leave a comment on the post.  That was a lady called Kerry.  I have tried to contact her but have been unable to, so I have an unclaimed gift.  My plan therefore is to give Kerry another week (until 7pm next Sunday night) to get in touch with me, and if she doesn't, I will re-run the giveaway.  If you are out there Kerry, get in touch.  Everyone else I will keep you posted!

Have a good week everybody.  Those with children at school, enjoy the last week or so of them at home (I'm off for school shoes in the morning and have loads of labeling to do!!!).  I know I am exhausted having them both around, but know I will miss it when school starts... in particular the lazy starts in the morning!! 

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Keeping little fingers busy!

Over the past few days whilst Little Tinker has been sleeping, The Fairy has been keeping me company in the attic.  The first day was fine.  I wasn't using the computer and so she was able to spend her time mooching around Poisson Rouge (an excellent resource for pre-school children, although my 6 year old still loves it.  It really is worth checking out) and the things to do section on the Victoria and Albert Museum website where she designed a tile and her very own tartan.

She was very disappointed the following day when I informed her that I had work to do on the computer and that she would have to wait.  I am glad this is the case though as she picked up a piece of white paper and I gave her a pen and my pastels and she created these characters, cut them out and put them on black card.

Because my work on the computer took longer than anticipated, which is usually the case, she then did this...

... I think I should be busy on the computer more often!!!

Monday, 16 August 2010

My hands ache!!!

I managed to sit out in beautiful sunshine today to finish the baby quilt/playmat I have been making, and my hand are aching!!!!  I can't believe the time it has taken to hand quilt, and then hand stitch the binding.  I do love it though, it is really pretty and has been worth the effort.  It will however be going into my Folksy shop over the next few days as it needs a lovely home.  Its a little too small for my fairy and I don't think it would get the use it deserves (plus I have it in my head that I am going to make her one using pieces of her old clothes that I haven't been able to part with!).

I really must get on with some real work now before a fair I have at the beginning of September, which isn't actually that far off... I can't believe it!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Domestic Goddess. Well trying to be!!!

I can't believe that a week ago today we were waiting very patiently for a very delayed plane to bring us back home.  A week later I am still trying to get on top of washing, whilst also trying to be super mum/wife by managing numerous piles of mess (toys/papers/crayons), creating food, and finding things for the children to do... not only is the weather counterproductive for my washing, it is so much more difficult when the children can't get out.

Yesterday, I made fairy cakes (it always has to be fairy cakes, "well I am a fairy mummy"!!!) with both of the children, and when the little tinker was having his afternoon nap, the fairy got out her decorating equipment.  Knowing what the fairy is like when it comes to decorating cake with sugary bits, I put six of the cakes to one side and asked for her to keep them very simple.  The rest she could do what she wanted.

Here's what we got...

... the plain ones were 'just' covered in buttercream and two different types of sugar strands!!!  Proper fairy cakes, wouldn't you agree?!

It was fabulous though.  Our little chatter box of a fairy was so absorbed in her decorating task, I had peace and quite for almost an hour!!!  I was able to start piecing together a patchwork that I have been meaning to complete for months.  Today, whilst the tinker was asleep and the fairy was busy creating secret codes I was able to start quilting...

... I am hand quilting as I am doing circles.  Although quite relaxing, it is very time consuming and I have only managed to get half of it done.  It has also given me a sore finger.  I tried to use a thimble, but it just wasn't working for me (if anyone can recommend a thimble, please do).  Hopefully I will have it done by the end of the week (?!!!)

Ant to finish with...

... hooray, summer is here!  Well, it was for about an hour and a half anyway.  Thought we would make the most of the sun peeping out through the clouds by venturing into the park.  Three quarters of the way round we heard the sky start to rumble!!!  Time for a game of 'charge'!!  We made it back without getting wet, and managed to get the washing (very, very nearly dry for the first time since we got back) off the line before the rain started.  

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Fun in the sun

Had a fantastic time in Puerto de Pollensa, Mallorca.  I recommend a visit, hopefully we will be returning, with plans to visit more of the island.

We did an awful lot of this...

... and managed to join in some of the carnival atmosphere in Pollenca.  I would have loved to spend some more time in Pollenca, just having a mooch about but the fiesta was a week long and was teaming with people.

We heard lots of grasshoppers/crickets/cicadas whilst we were away, and on our final day a huge grasshopper/cricket decided to come to visit us...

... my daughter was quite taken by it and decided to let it have a wander on her arm...urgh!!!

The felt I took didn't get touched.  I am not sure felt would be the fabric of choice to work with in a hot country!!!!!  Raring to go though and have a few projects up my sleeves.  

Friday, 6 August 2010

Back to glorious sunshine....

... hmm, okay maybe not.  Just a quick one to say that we have returned from a glorious holiday and my Folksy shop is back online.  More soon. Night x