Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Excellent motivational advice

I have just read some excellent advice for all those crafters wanting to become established and actually earn some money from what they love doing. Check out this link if this applies to you. Hope you find it helpful. It has certainly given me some pointers.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Busy, busy Tuesday

I haven't stopped since my 18 month old son woke me at 6.45am this morning! Since the children have gone to bed I have managed to get some more of my work onto my shop. This time it is some of my journals. Here are a couple of images, the others are on Etsy. Going to call it a day. Bog eyed, tired and a little peckish, but wanted to share my

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Frustrating weekend

This weekend has been extremely frustrating. I have spent many valuable hours on my computer without very much success! Unfortunately whilst I was doing this, my 5 1/2 year old daughter was in creating mode. This usually involves spending large amounts of time cutting and gluing various things. But instead (when I least need it - the end of half-term, and computers not doing what I want!), the paint comes out!!!! She now has a very colourful carpet. Great.

However, I have managed to get some of my table
linen loaded onto my estyshop here are
some pics of a few of the items. I have also
managed to make a start on a
few other items. I have a stall at Samlesbury Hall this coming Sunday,
so have a few bits and pieces I need to get a move on with.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A day of creating!

Today has been a day jam packed full of creations. Unfortunately they were not my works. My daughter had her friend round this afternoon, so it was decided that we would make fairy cakes in the morning ready for them to decorate (I foolishly thought that it would keep them quiet whilst my youngest slept). Anyway, despite squabbles, they did a pretty good job. The prettier ones were the first ones, and then I think it turned into a bit of a competition as to who could get the most on!!!

After a drink and a cake they set to work making robots.... I left them to it but was soon tracked down by the ironing board cutting out petals. I'd made a flower last night that I liked so am
going to create more. I planned to make them into magnets, but liked the look of it on my top so think I will get some brooch backs
for them. The photo isn't very good, but they are cute..... off to stitch some more now.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

New Card Collection

This weekend has been a fab weekend. After getting myself in a tizz at the end of last week, I have unwound! I have an awful lot of work to do, and was attempting to do too much at once, which resulted in panic!!! However, I focused on the new range of cards (my stitch and velum range) that I have had on the go for the past few weeks and have had great success. Here is a sneaky preview of the few I have completed. They are up for sale in my shop (click here). More to come in the next few days (despite it being half-term!!!).

Aghhhh, just spent ages trying to get more images up, but for some reason it is giving me grief!!! Will have to put more up tomorrow!!! Sometimes I wish I had more of a technical mind.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Softies for softies!!!!

Thought I would share my new collection of Softies. All ready to be found new homes. I actually finished them last week, but have only just managed to get my camera out. They are just lovely. Unfortunately you can't squeeze one..... they are sooooo cuddly (I stuff them with lambswool for extra cuddlability). I sold quite a number at Craft Fairs & parties just before Christmas because people (women in particular!) couldn't put them down once they had picked them up. One woman came back the following month to buy another because she wanted a friend for her first one!!!! I also give them names. I've just been sat here with my dictionary of first names deciding what each of them is going to be called. It's like choosing names for my babies again (without interference from my hubby!!!!). He he... just remembered another lady at the last fair I did. I had to read her each of the female bunny's names whilst she cooed over each one of them before deciding which would be going home with her. Her fella stood very patiently, rolling his eyeballs from time to time!!!
My softies are however looking for new homes, and will be going up on my esty shop later on in the week. Click here to see them.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Successful week!

Hooray. I actually feel as though I am getting to grips with things a little (still much room for improvement!). I have just managed to add more of my lovely pinnies to my shop ( I have been working really hard this week creating pinnies and soft toys and making cards (these will be up for sale later in the week). My studio is in utter chaos! Here is one of my creations, but please have a look in the shop and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

All about me!

Pukka Pinnies is a small company based in Lancashire, England, producing fab pinnies (these are designed and handmade by myself). The number of each colour combination for my pinnies is limited, with a maximum of five produced. I also produce other items including cards, giftware and tableware under the name Foxy-S Designs.

I have always been creative, I love fiddling, and this has become more prominent over the past few years after the birth of my two children. All of my products are designed and then made by myself in my very small studio, most done on stolen time!

Inspiration for my work comes from all over, my children, pattern, colour nature…. I particularly love surface pattern so love working with fabrics. My awareness of the environment has resulted in me using natural fabrics, and recycling and reusing items when ever possible.

Please have a look and my (gradually increasing) items on my etsy website;

Unfortunately I only have one pinny listed at the moment (I sold quite a few just before Christmas, and am in the middle of producing some more). Please keep popping back.

Hope you like what you see. I would like to hear any feedback.